Oak Tree Poultry are the UK distributors and service agents for the OAKEN range of high spec Commercial Incubators. These are massive spec machines at Incredible Prices!!

The factory has been producing Incubators for over 25 years now and have a vast knowledge of this field of commercial incubators supplying customers all round the world with a number of international awards.

Full UK spec machines and CE Cert.

We are able to supply larger commercial incubators in the following egg capacities: 2816 eggs, 3872 eggs, 4840 eggs, 5808 eggs, 8448 eggs, 12672 eggs, 16896 eggs and our model which holds up to 19400 & 22500 eggs. All of these machines come with a huge spec, everything is automatic as you would expect from a range of incubators with these capacities. The larger models can be configured as part hatchers or devoted hatchers - your choice! Below is a list of some specifications:

Fully Automatic Humidity with a range from 1-99% in 1% increments.

Hand filled, Header Tank filled or Mains filled Humidity tanks.

Humidity perameters fully programmable via Micro pad.

Fully Automatic egg turning – programmable any amount of times per 24 hours. You can even turn rotation off if you use the machine as hatcher also. (Smaller model Incubators come with hatching trays at base).


Fully Automatic Forced Air heating via 2 heater settings, again all working perameters for both heaters are programmable. Incubator still operational in the event of a heater breaking down.

CO2 AirXchange removal system to assist in higher hatch rates.

Incubators also come with a airXchange CO2 system which is fully programmable via the key pad, helps prevent build up a poisonous gasses etc and to assist in a ‘clean’ hatch and higher hatch rates. Program how often it comes on and for how long! This will also operate in the event of overheating to lower temperature automatically.

Fully alarmed to alert the user of any problems with humidity or temperature in the event of a problem.

These machines are also ‘intelligent’ in that the have a self diagnosis system that will when asked, individually check ALL operating systems and advise of any problems – very clever.
As you can see these have a tremendous specification. With the larger machines the egg trays are loaded on to trolleys that will wheel in and out of the incubators to assist with loading and unloading of the eggs. We can supply these machines in many combinations – ie certain amount of egg trays and a certain amount of hatching trays to facilitate their use for both incubating and hatching.






All machines come complete with full set of egg trays which will hold all size eggs from Quail, through Partridge, Pheasant, chicken, turkey etc in their own individual ‘sockets’, these trays will also hold normal goose eggs on their sides. We can also supply separate egg trays to hold, Quail only, Duck and Goose, Ostrich and Rhea eggs should they be required.

Due to the size of a number of these machines and for what they are designed for we do not normally hold stocks and they are usually produced to order in advance. Production and delivery time for these is normally approx 8 weeks – this would be confirmed at time of order.

Buy in confidence these machines as they are phenomenal value for money and can save you some serious money on any venture requiring this level of capacity. Parts and service are readily available for these and are EXTREMELY simple to maintain yourself if required. We give full warranty on these machines and of course parts and back up is always there for you. We give a 24hr SUPPORT System around the world.

Should you require any further information please contact us via the Contact link at the base of this page or email us and we will be pleased to assist you further or call..

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