Oak Tree Poultry is a family business supplying specialist Multi Mite - Red Mite & Parasite contol, various other Poultry supplies at the best prices on the web - Grey & White Rheas and a number of Pure breed and Traditional Poultry. All our birds are selected to be fine examples for their breeds, from Jubilee Orpington Bantams, Chocolate Orpington, Red Orpington, Lemon Millfleur to name a few. We also have various other breeds for sale at times please check our Birds For Sale page for details.

MULTI MITE Powder, This is a Special Grade DE powder which is a Full Feed/Food Grade product suitable for use in all animals for both internal and external parasites. THIS IS ALSO A FULL HUMAN FOOD GRADE PRODUCTS - suitable for Human use.

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This section is being added to regularly, full of useful items from Egg Candlers to Incubator/Hatching thermometers and luxury Ostrich feather dusters and more.. All our items we are sure you will find the cheapest on the web, we buy in bulk everything on this site directly from the manufacturers so we know our prices are the best!!!

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If you have a serious Red Mite or virtually ANY other parasite problem then you need our MULTI MITE range - to cover infestation and also for continued prevention we have all you need. We are the cheapest on eBay and you will find the prices on this site even cheaper!!          

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